Creating wallets

Creating a new wallets means obtaining a new mnemonic seed or a new private key. This process is very crucial since it is necessary that such information is kept private and is not leaked to any third party. Using a live Linux distribution like AnuBitux is a first step to avoid leaving crucial information on hard drives but also the generation process is very important. It is necessary to use a good source of entropy, so that the obtained wallets can't be replicated. The tools that can be used for this task are placed in the WalletGeneration menu, in the Wallets menu or installed as browser extensions.

It is also recomended to use the proper Offline desktop shortcut before creating a new wallet and avoiding to connect the working environment to the Internet before the wallet has been stored in a safe place and the computer has been restarted.

How to store information in a safe way totally lies on the user's needs. AnuBitux allows to do it in many safe and easy way, supporting many tipe of encrypted storages and allowing users to use printers without the need to connect to the Internet and download and install drivers and softwares.

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