Why AnuBitux?

Cryptocurrencies are a groundbreaking phenomenon that is continuously changing the financial world. One of the aims of cryptocurrency is to allow users to make payments "without going through a financial institution". This means that users have the power and the responsibility to handle their funds by themselves. With cryptocurrencies the BYOB acrimonious does not mean "bring your own beers" but "be your own bank".

So, in this scenario, managing cryptocurrencies in a safe and simple way is crucial. There are many different solutions to do it, some of them are comfortable but risky, others are very safe but also too much complex. AnuBitux wants to provide a secure environment which takes care of security and privacy allowing users to use their cryptocurrencies simply and safely. It is possible to:

  • create wallets in an amnesic environment;

  • access funds stored in wallets on encrypted devices;

  • use many different hardware wallets;

  • recover access to compromised wallets;

  • dispose transactions in a privacy preserving environment;

  • surf the web safely;

  • and even more!

AnuBitux is not only a Linux distribution but also a bigger project carried out by its team which provides news and tutorials on the official website and through the communication channels like Telegram and X.

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