How to build AnuBitux

AnuBitux is a distro designed to handle very sensible information so it tries to be as more trustless as possible. SI, if a user doesn't want to download the builded iso or does not trust the building logs published on the Download page, it is also possible to self build it following these simple steps (also shown here):

  • Use a Debian-based working environment for the building process;

  • Install dependencies

sudo apt install live-build squashfs-tools syslinux-common syslinux-utils xorriso isolinux
  • Create a folder

mkdir distro
  • Move your terminal into the folder

cd distro
  • Configure the parameters

lb config -b iso -d bookworm --cache true --apt-recommends true -a amd64 --binary-images iso --debian-installer none --linux-flavours amd64 --mode debian --debian-installer-gui false --archive-areas "main contrib non-free non-free-firmware" --security true --win32-loader false --interactive shell --updates true --iso-application anubitux --iso-publisher --iso-volume anubitux --memtest none --bootappend-live "boot=live config hostname=AnuBitux username=anubitux"
  • Obtain root privileges

sudo -s
  • Launch the building process

lb build
  • Copy the file to the chroot

sudo cp /home/$USER/distro/chroot/
  • Execute the script (if needed, edit the versions of the tools at the beginning of the script file)

chmod +x
  • Configure the last files, for example the building date, and clean the command history

nano /opt/scripts/
history -c
  • Type exit to start the building process

  • Wait until it ends

When the process finishes, the .iso file can be found in the above created distro folder. To be sure it runs on a bootable USB, it may be necessary to run this command.

isohybrid isofilename.iso

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