Information related to cryptocurrency has always to be considered as important and sensible, so it very unsafe to store it in a clear and plain way. It should always be protected with encryption. AnuBitux supports many way to interact with encrypted information.

AnuBitux supports encrypted volumes and drives through VeraCrypt and zuluCrypt (which also supports BitLocker encryption). There also is Kleopatra, supporting PGP encryption but, obviously, user's keys need to be imported at any reboot. AnuBitux is also able to manage credential databases encrypted with Keepass and BitWarden.

AnuBitux tries to allow the user to manage the most common types of encryption but there may be a lot of different solutions, at the moment not included in AnuBItux, that may be preferred. The included tools must not be intended as a suggestion. Only the user knows which is the best solution to manage his cryptos.

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