• Firefox comes with an heavily customized profile focused on user's privacy and with a lot of crypto oriented add-ons, like:

  • SafePal is a browser extension to interact with SafePal hardware wallets;

  • TonKeeper is a client wallet for the Ton network;

  • Phantom is a multi-chain web3 wallet;

  • Temple is a Tezos wallet that can be found as an extension of the FireFox browser;

  • MetaMask is a wallet for Ethereum accounts and a gateway to blockchain apps. It can be found as an extension of the FireFox browser;

  • Enkript is an extension for easy access to the world of web3 and to interact with Polkadot, Ethereum, Bitcoin and beyond - all directly in the browser;

  • User-Agent Switcher allows to customize the browser's user agent;

  • Privacy Badger is an extension that blocks trackers;

  • Canvas Blocker is an extension that alters some JS APIs to prevent fingerprinting;

  • uBlock origin is a very powerful and well known ad-blocker;

  • Tor Browser, the browser to surf the web through the Tor network;

  • Wireshark, a very popular packet capturing tool, able to store and review all the data exchanged through the Internet.

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