Network is one of the most important things to take care to when handling with privacy and security. AnuBitux offers many different tools to allow users to take care of their data when connecting to the Internet.

Online & Offline

First of all, on the Desktop and under the Privacy menu, there are two launchers named Offline and Online. The offline launcher disables all the network interfaces like Ethernet, WiFi and Bluetooth, also changing the Desktop background to provide an easy reminder that the working environment can be considered sandboxed. The Online launcher turns the interfaces on again.


It may also be useful to hide the public IP address given by the network provider. To do so, AnuBitux also integrates the Kalitorify tool, that proxies the whole operating system through the Tor Network. It can be launched with the proper Desktop shortcuts and/or through the Privacy menu.

Mac address

When connecting to public networks, it may also be useful to hide the Mac Address, to avoid to be linked to activities performed with the same machine through other operating systems. To do so, there is a proper launcher under the Privacy menu.


To be able to know if some kind of tool or service is exchanging data through the Internet, there is also a proper applet showing the network data usage of the available interfaces at any time.

It is also possible to monitor network traffic analitically, thanks to WireShark and TShark. It may be useful to audit connections and data trasmissions of the tools, like here.

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