• BIP39 is the well known tool developed by Ian Coleman that handles derivation paths based on BIP39 wordlists. It is also available on his website;

  • Check XMR tx is a tool that can be used to verify XMR transactions, providing the necessary keys;

  • Coinb.in is a tool that allows users to sign, verify and broadcast transactions that could also have been written from scratch. The tool is also available on the web at the coinb.in page.

  • SeedCheck is a tool developed by the AnuBitux team that tries to find out the correct derivation path or the right software a mnemonic seed was used with;

  • SeedTool is a powerful graphical Bitcoin-oriented tool to generate and handle BIP39 mnemonic seeds;

  • Test XMR address is a tool related to Cryptonote Addresses, used by the Monero protocol;

  • Xpub-converter is a tool, by Jameson Lopp, that allows to convert among many different formats of xpub keys.

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