• BitWarden is a very popular, powerful and open source password manager;

  • KeepassXC is an offline open source cross-platform password manager, that could also store any kind of information like mnemonic seed phrases;

  • Kleopatra manages PGP Keys and allows to encrypt, decrypt, sign and verify text and files;

  • My IP shows the current public IP address through Kalitorify's commands;

  • Offline disables all the network interfaces, like Ethernet, WiFi and Bluetooth;

  • Online puts all network interfaces back to work;

  • Password Generator creates true random passwords;

  • Random Mac Address changes all the curernt mac addresses with random mac addresses;

  • Tor Mode OFF disables Kalitorify when enabled;

  • Tor Mode ON enables Kalotorify so that the whole working environment and all the tools connect through the Tor Network;

  • VeraCrypt is a cross-platform open source tool that allows to encrypt and decrypt volumes and disks with many algorithms;

  • zuluCrypt is a simple,feature rich and powerful solution for hard drives encryption. More info here.

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