Tools list

The AnuBitux has been set up with a lot of different tools focused on different uses of cryptocurrencies, like creating wallets and/or keys, managing wallets, accessing encrypted storage, surf the Internet in a very secure and safe way, take care of user's privacy, etc.

All the tools installed have been retrieved from official repositories, official websites and GitHub repositories. A great part of the tools has been autonomously developed, to be sure about how they work and avoid to rely on third party code that may be difficult to audit properly. The other tools are all widely used by the cryptocurrency community. Dubious tools have not been included to minimize the risk of fund loss due to misconfigured or malicious software. When available, AppImages have been preferred so that users may verify them autonomously following the steps illustrated on the respective official website. Software version has been removed from the file name to easily manage links in the menu but it can be retrieved launching the tool and checking its information or consulting the source code of the corresponding AnuBitux build on GitHub.

The hash checksum may be calculated using the GtkHash graphical tool or through the command line like in the following examples:

md5sum filename
sha1sum filename
sha256sum filename

Public keys and signatures can be managed and verified through Kleopatra.

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